How to Clean and Maintain Your Freshly Painted Cabinets

Red Deer Painters

The answer to this is easier than you may think. At Morgan Family Painting Services, durability is a key component to our cabinet finishes. We provide uninterrupted cure time to provide the best results. Once installed they’re ready to be cleaned almost immediately. Simply wiping with a soft, damp towel will get most scuffs, marks and grease off your new cabinets.

After 30 days, the paint has fully cured, and you can wash them as you would any other cabinetry: with gentle soap and water.

Maintaining Painted Cabinetry

Our methods for cabinet painting allow for any touch ups that may occur. While extremely durable, life happens, which is why we always leave some touch up paint with you just in case. A simple mini roller over the scuff should do just the trick, if washing doesn’t get the job done.

What to Avoid When Cleaning & Maintaining Painted Cabinets

When cleaning painted cabinetry, it’s important to avoid coarse sponges and harsh chemicals such as bleach. Soaking your cabinets can also wear on them.

Leaving cabinets wet, or resting wet towels on drawers could damage the integrity of the paint over time. Always dry surfaces after washing.

If you can’t touch up by spray, use a small roller as brush strokes can take away from the finished texture. It‘s important to have a somewhat dry roller, this allows you to focus on a small area to keep the touch ups soft looking, and minimal in size. Smooth out your roller over the affected area and keep in mind that acrylic paints take 30 days to fully cure.


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